About Us

Stagecoach Trails is a family  owned and operated Campground that serves a wide variety of campers:  Pacific Crest Trail hikers, Tenters, Day hikers, Mountain Bikers, RV’s large and small, Camper Vans, Off road campers, Jeep groups, Horse Campers, you name it, we can accommodate your form of relaxation. Stagecoach Trails is located East of Julian in the high desert and adjacent to the Anza Borrego State park and all of it’s wonders. Our happy campers use us as a base camp for everything from apple pie and shopping raids to Julian, To 4×4 and motorcycle trail rides in the desert, mountain bike escapes, Horse trail riding. Any type of exploring can begin here at Stagecoach Trails Campground. Our aim is to provide a very clean, safe spot for campers to return to often and make memories for their family or group. Ya’ll come see us!