Sleeps 2

Gypsy Wagon Cabin

Basic cabin with 2 beds, power,  A/C Heat and Lights.  Restrooms with showers nearby.  Remember to bring bedding!

No Smoking No pets, Check in time is 3 pm, check out is 11 am.

Cabin Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance before scheduled check-in.  Guests that cancel less than 24 hours before their scheduled reservation will forfeit one night reservation.

Reservation's are NOT TRANSFERABLE.
Check in: The name the reservation(s) were made under need to be present for checking in.
Non-holiday reservations: Guests that cancel will be refunded the amount of reservation minus the "Cancellation fee(s)".
Holiday reservations are NON-REFUNDABLE 1 month prior to Holiday. Holiday reservations cancelled before your deadline, will be subject to regular reservation fee(s)

Cancellation Fees: 
Cabin $30
Holidays Include:
New years
Memorial Day
Presidents Day 
Veterans Day


For Damage to Stagecoach Trails Property



Fee to be charged for damage.

  • Smoking in Cabins/ Buildings


    1 day cabin fee + $250 Housekeeping services.

  • Pets in Cabins/ Buildings

$250 fee

  • Damage/ Missing


Do NOT move furniture

$30 per item

  • Extensive/ Cleaning Damage to Cabins Buildings

( Flooring, plumbing, electrical etc)

Fee varies on damage assessment.








Accommodation Features

Air Conditioning
Wireless Internet

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