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A cool and beautiful drizzly morning with wonderful drought killing downpours the night before…  What to do?   How about bundling up good and going for a nice hike?  Cool Canyon?  You bet!  The wild plums near the mouth of the canyon are getting a satisfying drink this morning. The plum bushes will provide protection and treats for birds in the Spring, when hundreds of birds congregate there to chirp with their buddies.

Wild Plum tree in cool canyon

Cool canyon is typical of a high desert canyon, sandy wash with intermittent rock strata that lead to higher terraces up the canyon.  Barrel Cactus, Prickly pear, Encelia, Ocotillo, Cholla, Lichen, Pinyon, Century plant and other Agave are some plants that I recognize in this gorgeous microclimate among many more beautiful and unusual plant specimens to learn about.  What  will you be able to identify that I missed?

The desert surrounding Stagecoach Trails is loaded with wildlife.  Can you see the bunny in this photo?

Rock formations in cool cany0n are suprisingly spectacular.   You can probably get better shots than these without trying too hard.

One of the rewards of a morning hike is filtered low light and the possibility of the sun peeking over the Southeast canyon wall.  This morning does not disappoint.


Climbing up the North wall at a low point reveals a breathtaking view of the desert floor below with Stagecoach Trails Campground and mountain range beyond.  What a beautiful morning!

Thank You for coming along on our morning Trek to Cool Canyon, just South of Stagecoach Trails Campground in the Anza Borrego State Park.   Book your campsite now at and explore!

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