Banner swathed in Lilac

We are all talking about the wildflower display in Borrego Springs this year just 25 minutes to the East of Stagecoach Trails rv resort. Now just 10 miles to the West of the resort Banner grade (highway 78) is a lush green and radiant with Lilac bloom. Have a look at pics from last weekend. Enjoy! There are plenty of wide turnouts on the Banner grade. For safety pull well off the road and park your vehicle and use an abundance of caution while exploring and taking photo's of this special spot. Do you know what this plant is? They are at their peak at the moment and are abundant along the banks near the banner grade.

Hungry Yet?

The Stagecoach Trails Deli is open! As most of you know, Michelle and Mike have been working toward this for almost a year. Have a delicious sandwich, and top it off with a Thrifty Ice Cream!

Valentines Weekend!

We had a great weekend with all our campers over Valentines weekend. Barbwire was rocking the house as we danced the night away!

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